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How old does my student have to be to participate in Youth Ministry?

Ministries are defined in this way:

  • Junior High Youth Ministry is open to students in grades 6, 7, and 8.
  • High School Youth Ministry us open to students in grades 9-12.
  • Young Adults Ministry is open to those who are post-high school age through their mid-thirties (“mid-thirties” is an approximation… if you don’t mind hanging out with us, we probably won’t mind hanging out with you).
  • All younger (and older!) siblings and parents are invited to join any of the designated “Family Events.”

A few clarifications:

  • Some special events have age or size restrictions, due to outside company policies. Here are a few examples:
    • Roadrunner Go-Karts: students must be a certain height
    • White Water Rafting: students must be a certain age to raft difficult courses
  • When in doubt, ask Anna!

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How do you define “grades in school” during the summer?

  • 5th grade students become 6th grade students and may begin attending JH events.
  • Students who have graduated grade 8 may attend either JH or HS events.
  • Students who have graduated grade 12 may attend either HS or YA events.
  • Adult volunteers are always needed and welcomed!

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Where do you meet?

Unless otherwise specified in the bulletin, calendar, social media, or mailing list, Youth Ministry events meet at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton parish at 2901 Huffman Road in Anchorage. A white dry erase board is usually placed in the parish’s main hallway that will direct students to the Miki Gym or downstairs to the Youth Room.

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How much does Youth Ministry cost?

Most Youth Nights are free! Certain off-campus events will have associated fees, but this information will be shared in advance via bulletin, website, email, and text on a case-by-case basis.

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Are there any scholarships available?

Yes! No student will be turned away due to a family’s financial challenges. We offer three types of scholarships:

  • Localized Scholarship.
    • This scholarship covers small one-day events, primarily social in nature, that cost $99 or less. Sample events include putt-putt nights, rock climbing, movie nights, etc.
  • Distance Scholarship.
    • This scholarship covers larger events that last multiple days and cost $100 or more, such as retreats, overnight / outdoor trips, pilgrimages, etc.
  • Family Scholarship.
    • This scholarship applies if 3 or more students from the same family are attending the event. When this is the case, families who apply may pay the cost of 2 participants and ask for the third to attend on scholarship.

For more information, or to apply for a scholarship for a particular event, click the button below to view or print the scholarship form:

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Can I bring my friend who isn’t Catholic?

Absolutely! While Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Youth Ministry is unashamedly Catholic, we welcome students of all faith traditions to join us during Youth Nights, provided they have their parent’s permission.

For events with limited space, we give preference to our parish students who register on time, but will certainly welcome any other friends/neighbors/cousins/classmates to join us, again provided they have parental permission.

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Are there any leadership opportunities available for my teen?

If your student is in High School, they are eligible to join the Peer Ministry Team! To learn more, click here.

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Can my student earn any service hours through Youth Ministry?

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton currently offers many opportunities to volunteer with the parish, including service project youth nights, mission trips, and more! These events will be posted through the usual avenues as they become available. Anna will happily sign and verify your service hour forms for the volunteer work you do!

We currently do not have a system to share volunteer opportunities through individual parishioners or the larger community. Feel free to contact Anna if you have any questions or service avenues to share.

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Can you tell me more about permission forms and the Code of Conduct?

You can learn more about our permission forms and fill them out online here. We also have a code of conduct that parents must sign for larger events, such as retreats. Once these forms are filled out for your student, they last for the duration of the school year.


Where do I find the most up-to-date information?

Check out the weekly parish bulletins (you can access them online here) and the Google Calendar above. Paper schedules printed at the beginning of the semester are accurate, but do not always provide time slots to ensure we provide you with the latest updates.


How do I know if an event is cancelled at the last minute?

Any last-minute cancellations due to weather or emergency will be sent out on our Facebook page and Facebook group and through our texting and emailing groups (a link to get yourself added to those groups will be available later).


How far ahead do you schedule events?

Our Youth Ministry remains flexible with the larger parish’s schedule; therefore, we officially provide new semester calendars one month in advance. The calendars are scheduled as follows:

  • Summer Calendar: June, July, August (publicized in May)
  • Fall Calendar: September, October, November, December (publicized in August)
  • Spring Calendar: January, February, March, April, May (publicized in December)

Information provided for other semesters (such as save-the-dates) is a well-reasoned approximation, and these dates are subject to change up until the semester arrives.


More questions?

More F.A.Q.’s will be added soon.

In the meantime, submit your F.A.Q. in the comments space below, or contact Anna!

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