8/9 & 8/11: Obstacle Course Competitions!

JH Night: 8/9 @ 6-8pm
HS Night: 8/11 @ 7-9pm

Show off your skills and smarts during a night of crazy Obstacle Course Competitions! Each team receives a bag of mystery items and must devise an obstacle course to outsmart and out-skill their competition. May the best team win!



8/4: JH&HS “Mouse on Ground”

Join us on Thursday, August 4 for a JH&HS Rendition of the classic “Mouse on Ground” playground game. Easy to learn, fun to play, and a great way to enjoy the last bit of our beautiful Alaskan summer!


Where can I find World Youth Day updates?

Hello! Anna here.

Since this is my first World Youth Day, I don’t know exactly how much internet access or time I’ll have to post while I’m traveling…. nonetheless, if I do post stories / pictures / updates on World Youth Day, you’ll be able to find them here.

The Diocese of Juneau will be traveling with us and sharing their experience online! You can follow them by checking out their updates here.

Mini Summer Break

Hello, Young Adults!

We won’t be meeting on July 17 and August 3: due to World Youth Day and Fishing Season 😉

Save the Date for August 17! We’re hosting an end-of-the-summer Young Adults Barbecue from 7-9pm… bring a friend! More info to come in early August.

Clash of Clans: Parish Edition

The Diocese of Belleville, Illinois is coming to Alaska for a Mission Trip… and we get to host them during our Thursday youth night!!

The Schedule

6:00pm: St. Elizabeth students arrive for setup

6:30pm: Belleville students arrive at parish

6:45pm: Icebreakers, mixers, games, etc.

7:15pm: Clash of Clans: Parish Edition*

8:00pm: Evening Prayer

8:30pm: S’mores and Social

*Clash of Clans is an app, but it’s also a competition/field game that’s equal parts scavenger hunt and flag football.

Join us!

Junior High and High School students are invited (plus any adult volunteers who’ve completed training) are invited to join us!

We need at least 11 JH and/or HS students to help make this game a success (and to welcome these teens to Alaska). Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime event!

Contact Anna if you’d like to help out beforehand.